Our Practices

  • Partners4Change, Three Conversations Model

At Norfolk County Council we’re embarking on a new way of working. Changing the conversation with our service users to ensure our vision of supporting people to be independent, resilient and well is achieved. Our new approach will embed the Partners4Change, Three Conversations model which has been developed through co-production to provide a person centred approach.

The conversation is to Listen hard and connect, to Work intensively with people in crisis and to Build a good life for the people we support.

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  • Promoting Independence

Promoting Independence is the strategy for change for Adult Social Services. It’s a positive response to a challenging set of issues which, amongst other things, will enable remodelling of services to help people to live independently and stay well, for longer.

At its core, Promoting Independence is about really great social work – social work which starts by looking at people’s strengths – what they can do, rather than what they can’t do. It’s where people are able to achieve their outcomes through the most independent means possible. It’s where health and wellbeing are supported by strong and inclusive communities and where individuals are empowered to make the choices which are best for them.

This strategy will create a new alliance between the County Council and local people about care and support which is founded in people’s lives and communities, not services and organisations.

  • Norfolk Social Work Philosophy

Our Social Worker Philosophy has been written by social workers for social workers to make it clear why we come to work and why we feel proud of our practice.

Our philosophy helps to guide practice, ensure reflection on what you do, how you work with others to get it right, to help others understand social work practice in Norfolk and to remind yourself to feel proud of what you do.

We have high expectations of our practice standards and will always focus on promoting the wellbeing and safety and independence of our service users. We are committed to what is working well and on helping the people we work with build on their strengths and the strengths of their families and communities.

  • Signs of Wellbeing

Signs of Wellbeing is the way we are working to support opportunities for greater independence for people in Norfolk.

It is a way of ‘seeing and doing things’ in a different way with individuals, families, communities and other organisations. At the heart of this approach, is the individual playing an active part in defining and achieving their outcomes.

Signs of Wellbeing is about changing the way we work with people by exploring their capacity for independence, it supports a strengths based approach by using a reflective conversation to explore the person’s individual circumstances.

Signs of Wellbeing allows the individual to reflect on their strengths, resilience, aspirations and personal resources, including that of their families, local community and if needed other services or funding. It supports the practitioner in their role, using their professional skills and knowledge to facilitate the person’s participation in the conversation about wellbeing.