Recognising the work of our dedicated people is something we’re proud of at Norfolk County Council.

On a quarterly basis we host our Outstanding Contribution Awards (OSCAs) for staff to nominate individuals and teams at the County Council who have gone the extra mile to deliver exceptional service.

Our Harold’s Hero Award for adult’s or children’s social work commemorates Harold Bodmer, our former Executive Director of Adult Social Services. Harold was passionate about social work and a big fan of the OSCAs.

The award celebrates the outstanding achievements of staff in social work in children’s or adults’ who are supporting vulnerable people, so that more are living independently and safely in their communities.

Social Worker of the Year

We also like to recognise the work of our dedicated staff on a national level and regularly nominate our people for the ‘Social Worker of the Year Award’. The award recognises the excellent, diverse work that takes place in the profession at an annual event.